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Re: Several Buddypress sites one login?



This could be done but the issue would be security as you are grabbing data across domains.

I figured that would be an issue and it is important. In my case the sites are all on the same hosting account, so only the database connections would be slightly different. Everything happens on the server. I don’t think any user data would have to be pushed or pulled across http. And in any security issue you have to weigh security against convenience to the user; my sites are not banking sites.

A third party single sign-on solution is not the same as offering single sign-on within your own network of sites. I do use the Facebook Login on my sites and think it’s pretty cool, but personally I’m not a fan of Facebook and it’s not going to be The Standard forever. Should I add Twitter Login? LinkedIn login? OpenID seems to be going nowhere. There will never be one web standard that you can implement and be done with it.

@gmax21, the multiblog approach could work if you start from scratch, but it sounds like you’d run into all kinds of other thorny issues if you add different projects over time and later decide you want to give users access to those other projects. It sounds complicated and unwieldy to do everything in one installation.

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