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Re: Several Buddypress sites one login?

Andrew Fielden


I have long thought that the breaking down of silos such as Facebook and Twitter to a more distrubuted system would make sense although they do form an easy entry and an openly(?) available area that can be used for public messaging.

My solution is to have an intermediary that can be configured to allow messages to be passed through to other systems according to a security setting that can be applied at admin or user level as required. Additionaly I thought that a similar configuration could be used for discovery of users – e.g. you could set yourself up as only available on your server, someone else might want to be available to a group and yet someone else would be publicly available.

In such a setup your users would only need to sign on once – to the server that they belong and would then be able to see any other user that is a trusted server in the group. In your case the security issues would be minor as you are on the same host although I can see that there may be a need to encrypt transmissions if it were open net traffic.

I am working on this now although don’t have anything to show you yet – will be more than happy to do so when there is a version for testing if you want

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