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Re: Several issues



#4 is resolved too.

So my biggest headache is the cropping tool.

As a workaround I removed the abillity to upload an avatar/profile picture during registration since it uploaded a black box.

User are able to upload and crop an avatar but virtually every single one is complainging about that function. Multiple issues.

I tried to upgrade to 1.1 but it was too problematic. Got way too many errors all over the place. It’s tough to upgrade with a custom theme, especially when I have also modified core files. In the near future I’d like to offer an expert here a generous bounty to do the upgrade for me while maintaining all customizations of my theme. I have over a hundred active members now so hopefully this can be tested remotely, but I digress.

Question, is it possible to replace the crappy cropping tool of 1.0.3 without upgrading to 1.1 ? There must be others in my situation who are unable to upgrade to 1.1 but would like to get a better cropping tool.

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