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Re: Shall I make activity releted content fields as utf_general?

Ok got the solution.

I want to pin point some thing here plz let me know if im going wrong.

I wanted activity should display in local languages also.

So i have updated

1. /bp-activity/bp-activity-templatetags.php

2. wp_bp_activity_sitewide table

Updates are as follows.


here coz of local language when we create post url getting converted to utf so its long test with sting and special chars that is the reason in the formation of site wide activity sprintf is used so it is not allowing big utf type url.

In function bp_activity_content_filter

I commented //$content[0] .= ‘%s’;

and in function bp_activity_insert_time_since

return sprintf( $content, ‘  ‘ . bp_core_time_since( strtotime( $date ) ) . ‘ ‘ . __(‘ago’, ‘buddypress’) );

replaced with

return $content . sprintf( “%s”, ‘  ‘ . bp_core_time_since( strtotime( $date ) ) . ‘ ‘ . __(‘ago’, ‘buddypress’) );

2. In wp_bp_activity_sitewide table updated content field with utf8_general_ci

This is for site wide activity to work with local languages. For profile make changes with other tables related to user_activities all other works fine.

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