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Re: Shall theme Development be a part of buddypress community



Hey all. I have just been hired full time as a web developer and videographer for a major medical school. The idea is to create a site that will recruit more young people to go into healthcare related fields.

Anyway, I want to use WPMU and Buddypress as the architecture for content management and some social networking components. I have a good bit of WordPress experience, but am completely new to BuddyPress. I am right now in the process of developing a totally custom theme for the site.

There is a lot of content outside just the main blog and the BuddyPress components. The wordpress functionality is basically complete and I’m now starting on the BuddyPress portion. I’m a bit confused as to how to step into the theme development. Is there a good explainer somewhere that might help me understand how exactly the BP components are called or hooked into what would otherwise be a standard WP theme?

I would not be able to share the custom build with the community as it would not have any applicability outside this site, but once I get my feet wet, I would be happy to help develop a more generic theme to donate to the cause.

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