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Re: Should we use WP/BP or another platform?


Thanks Mariusooms for your awesome response, really appreciate it!

“Many blogs vs one for all” – > We’ll probably do what you suggest, allow people to post to the main blog, not have them create their own blogs.

“Votes” -> you can see how we do it now on the site. We customized an existing plug in. We create rankings using this plugin and display the thumbnails of the posts, not the title.

“At the moment the activity stream is text only, afaik, but I think images in the activity stream is in the pipeline?” -> this is pretty critical for us, we might end up developing this ourselves. Same as we did for the tops with thumbnails. We need to display to pictures in the content, not the title of the posts. You can see our sidebar as an example of this.

Thanks again Mariusooms and to everyone for your support.

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