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Re: Show BP Avatars in bbPress

John James Jacoby


You can currently use the bbGroups plugin by BurtAdsit to do this with group forums. He’s paused integration for other Extended Profile fields and non-group forums for now, but that is the closest integration available currently.

Take a look over at

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The problem with doing it any other way right now, is that without grabbing and caching forum specific BuddyPress profile info and putting it into a convenient user_meta array, it would require an additional query into the database for each user that you want each piece of info for. So lets say you not only want the avatar, but their fullname, and another piece of profile info that you’ve made up. That’s three queries a person, per post, per page. A page with 10 posts just gave you 30 extra queries. The bbGroups plugin works great to counter act this, but I’ve been the primary beta tester experiencing hiccups and Burt has patiently been trouble shooting with me to figure out why. The past week life has sort-of halted my ability to test, but it is a priority for me to address.

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