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Re: Show group members blogs

just a general theory

what about hooking on the action “bp_directory_members_item” in members-loop template

then within that hooked function – call “bp_blogs_get_blogs” (see bp-blogs.php line 279) which accepts a few arg params (user_id, per_page,page – but set those to so you do not paginate) Use the templatetag bp_get_member_user_id() for the user_id

“bp_blogs_get_blogs” will return an array( ‘blogs’ => $paged_blogs, ‘total’ => $total_blogs ) – $paged_blogs is the direct result from the mysql query though. Have a look at bp-blogs-classes.php and the ::get function for the column names (domain, path, name, description). You may need to reference bp-blogs-templatetags.php as the blog_permalink is built depending on if the domain is empty

though the only drawback is for each user in the member-loop – this will perform a bunch of extra queries just to find the blog info.

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