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Re: Sign Up Button & IE 7 on BP Default 1.1

Ed N.


Ticket gets this response:

“Changed 7 days ago by apeatling

* priority changed from major to minor

No CSS support for display: inline-block in IE7, upgrade to IE8, or if someone wants to write a patch, by all means please do.”

Pardon me, but what? This is not a solution, is it? … upgrade to IE 8? What about all the users out there that still use IE 7? Since we patch for IE 6 all day long, why is something this glaring is so easily dismissed?

Personally, I use Firefox mainly, but always double check with the most widely used browser, which at last check was still IE 7. I did notice that the same button does work in other places within the theme, so why is it that the front page doesn’t work properly? Perhaps something can be changed in the structure? I ask here because I am not as familiar with the new themes to figure it out myself.

Personally, I have had to hack this theme and replace the button with a text link. But I’d love to have this fixed.

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