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Re: Sign up fatal error!


Hi there,

I have been going through this thing off and on throughout the day. My conclusion, and don’t call me obvious, is this release is definately not stable.

In regards to this specific error…

…I was experiencing this earlier today when I had a clean install. I got so annoyed, I decided to wipe everything. After doing a complete wipe, I reinstalled everything manually. To my surprise… =/ … the error continued.

So… I did what any annoyed and flustered script monkey would do… grabbed a coke and began to dig in.

I have managed to defeat this error by doing a clean install of WPMU 2.8.4 manually. I completely wiped the DB as well. I also did a fresh install of BP 1.1.

The issue, and it may not be this easy for all, appears to be “cleaning house”. Ensure when you are manipulating, transfering, and removing files, that you are replacing them with the 1.1 release rather than the 1.0.3.

I would provide more information; however, I am encountering more issues after defeating this. So rather than robbing Peter to pay Paul, I will wait till either I have a proven resolution for you or someone else beats me to it.

I will say this, once you review your theme files, you may find somewhere in all the code the path specified for the new theme structure appears to not have been completely updated or addressed. This is the issue I am currently working to defeat.

I hope this finds some of you well.

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