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Re: simple:press vs bbPress – which is best option for standalone forums with WordPress

Jeff Sayre



I’m sorry that you are still having issues with deep integration of bbPress with WordPress. Many sites have an integrated bbPress install. In fact, @r-a-y has helped you extensively with the issue of bbPress integration into WordPress, pointing to many resources to help you accomplish that goal. If you are having trouble successfully performing a deep integration of bbPress with WordPress, then you should post on the bbPress or WP forums or ask for help on one of the blog articles to which Ray pointed you. (Have you searched for articles on bbPress and WordPress deep integration?)

By the way, with the exception of using bbPress for group forums within BuddyPress, bbPress and BuddyPress will never integrate site wide as BuddyPress is a plugin that sits on top of WordPress. What you are really talking about is integration of WP’s user tables with bbP’s user tables, so that they share their user data. BuddyPress does not store login information. BuddyPress does not authenticate users. Those functions are performed by WordPress. This site’s forums ( used to have an integrated bbPress install with WP. The forums were simply skinned to look like they were BuddyPress themed. But, they were a separate theme controlled by bbPress.

Let’s get this thread back on topic. I ask that you please refrain from taking this thread off topic anymore as it is impolite to the OP.

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