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Re: simple:press vs bbPress – which is best option for standalone forums with WordPress

Jeff Sayre



I took it a little off topic to provide you with some help. I knew that you were having issues with bbPress and WordPress integration (as you have posted on several threads stating as much). So I was politely trying to provide a little help while asking to not turn this into a bbPress integration discussion. I should not have used the word “anymore” in the last sentence of my previous post.

Since your assertion was that bbPress does not integrate with BuddyPress, and whereas that is technically true, I knew that you really meant WordPress. Therefore, your assertion is not true. bbPress integrates with WordPress, it is just a tedious, difficult process.

Yes, this thread is about bbPress but it is also about SimplePress. I did not want it to turn into another “bbPress does not integrate” thread. Let’s compare bbPress and SimplePress integration with WordPress. In fact, I have changed the title of the post to better reflect the true subject.

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