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Re: Site Problems – URL Not Found

Burt Adsit


@ottochen you are having these problems using the home theme on what blog? The root mu blog id 1? Or are you activating the home theme on a subdomain blog. That’s ok but the ‘news’ not working is indicative of running home on a subdomain.

I just looked at the code. The home theme should get the latest blog posts on the blog it’s activated on now. There was a restriction in there that caused it to fail on subdomains with 404. Andy made it go away.

@belogical things fail 404 if:

they aren’t there

apache/.htaccess rewrites things and they aren’t where we tell apache they are

bp snags those urls (which it does) and things aren’t where they should be

What do your error logs say when you hit: news, members, …

The, … urls for bp directories are just virtual urls. bp hooks them and goes out happily trying to run the appropriate code. It might be a permissions problem. Not found can also mean Not accessable.

Error logs?

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