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Re: Site Wide Activity stream not working



1. Which version of WPMU are you running?

A. You are using WordPress MU 2.8.6.

2. Did you install WPMU as a directory or subdomain install?

A. Directory (initially a subdomain on accident)

3. If a directory install, is it in root or in a subdirectory?

A. Was a sub directory and is now moved to the root

4. Did you upgraded from a previous version of WPMU? If so, from which version?

A. Fresh Installation

5. Was WPMU functioning properly before installing/upgrading BuddyPress?

A. Seemed to be an issues from installation

6. Which version of BuddyPress (BP) are you running?

A. Latest available from download section

7. Did you upgraded from a previous version of BP? If so, from which version?

8. Do you have any plugins other than BuddyPress installed and activated?

A. Yes ( I removed all issues ramain) it’s not plugins

9. Are you using the standard BuddyPress themes or customized themes?

I’m using a paid theme from WPMU DEV

10. Have you modified the core files in any way?

A. not at all

11. Do you have any custom functions in bp-custom.php?

A. Not that I have added

12. If running bbPress, which version? Or did your BuddyPress install come with a copy of bbPress built-in?

Running bbpress but ti’s not working showing blank screen with no options but to reinstall

13. Please provide a list of any errors in your server’s log files.

A. I don’t have any errors to show

14. Which company provides your hosting?

A. Godaddy Dedicated Server


My issue is basic. Old stuff is staying at the top of the activity stream and not moving down as it should.

Why is it stuck up top? All new activity is being placed below the bottom of the stream.

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