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Re: Site Wide Activity widget

PH (porsche)


Hi John Hames Jacoby!

Thanks for the TIP!

Seems like marking the blog:

“Blog Visibility” (Under Privacy Settings)

“I would like to block search engines, but allow normal visitors”

Removes the Postings from the activity stream!

** Since I dont want the Blog to be completely invisible from my users, I have created a GROUP and used the “BP-Group-Blog-Plugin” to make that hidden blog be partially visible and gives my users a Birds Eye view of whats going on in the blog! So its a very suitable work around..

*** HOWEVER would be super cool, if there was a feature that:

— Allows admins the ability to mark blogs into “groups”

— Or have users to be defaulted to be in a “group”

Thanks again and thumbs on the doubling the size of BP!! GAMBARRE!

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