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Re: Site Wide & My Friends Activity – What’s More Useful When

Burt Adsit


I was thinking about this kind of thing as well. In more general terms. I’m creating a bp member theme skin. Right now just trying to integrate it with the rest of the site. As I’m doing this I’m going over the features that are in that theme. Since I’m fooling with them, I’m thinking about them.

What do I want to see in this theme. How would I change it. I was thinking more about how I operate on my site and other sites. What changes would I make that would make my life easier on the net.

The first thing I would implement is a ‘favorites’ or ‘watch’ component. Kinda like rss feed aggregation. I make comments on people’s blogs. I start topics on the forums and reply to topics. I don’t remember all the junk I do in one day. So being reminded of *my* activity is important.

Viewing my group’s activity is important. Some blog’s are important and I want to see posts from those select blogs. *Some* of my friend’s activity is important. Forum and blog posts for some of my friends.

I’d like to be able to see *all* that stuff above and selectively see a subset of that. That subset is what’s important to me at the moment. It’ll change day to day.

Favorites, watches. Things I want to monitor. I’d like to be able to just dynamically add and delete such things.

I want to do this in one place. One screen. A bp/mu Heads Up Display. For me. I want ‘My HUD’.

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