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Re: skeleton component for buddypress

Jeff Sayre


The Skeleton Component is just that–a generic, bare-bones plugin template that you can use to create your own, custom BuddyPress plugin.

But the only things that this plugin do is to put in profil EXAMPLE..

Did you read the in-line documentation? At the top of bp-example.php it reads:


Contributors: apeatling, jeffsayre

This is a bare-bones component that should provide a good starting block to
building your own custom BuddyPress component.

It includes some of the functions that will make it easy to get your component
registering activity stream items, posting notifications, setting up widgets, adding
AJAX functionality and also structuring your component in a standardized way.

It is by no means the letter of the law. You can go about writing your component in
any style you like, that's one of the best (and worst!) features of a PHP based platform.

I would recommend reading some of the comments littered throughout, as they will
provide insight into how things tick within BuddyPress.

You should replace all references to the word 'example' with something more suitable
for your component.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT configure your component so that it has to run in the
/plugins/buddypress/ directory. If you do this, whenever the user auto-upgrades
BuddyPress - your custom component will be deleted automatically. Design
your component to run in the /wp-content/plugins/ directory

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