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Re: SMF Forum importer

Its all explained on the plugin main page. You first import the data, then convert it and then activate the internal forums of buddypress using the config file in the plugin directory. You have to follow at least step 1) and 2) of the description in the page and then you either have to “create groups” for the forums (step 4) or you install “buddypress forum extras” which shows you the forums without them being in groups. Also, dont forget to do the bbpress update after importing!

The skipped topics are situations where the data cannot be assembled, that is a post links to a non-existant topic or creator id. We had some of those but it seems its only posts from deleted boards or something. I have commented out the output of the post content (the only hint at where it belongs as there are no numbers) in buddypress-smf-functions.php, line 651 for example. You can uncomment that to see the skipped posts content.


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