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Re: So, your BP site is up! Now, how to bring the people in and start using it?

Chouf1 your point regarding Facebook cloning and trending is well made and perhaps ought to be stressed from time to time I’m less interested in seeing BP and it’s child plugins attempt to simply ape Facebook in every way possible than in seeing it identify and establish simply what social networking is about.

The essence of a community – especially at the outset – is about a great deal of care and nurturing, somewhat less about features than about a place for interaction between members, of good quality content and discussion and that has to be helped along initially and does require a lot of commitment on the part of the site operators.

It is therefore entirely correct to assert that the tool doesn’t make a community and to bear that in mind. BP is a great tool or potentially a great tool, but it is a tool, something that facilitates communities, growing that community into something vibrant with a soul and longevity is where the work begins.

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