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Re: So, your BP site is up! Now, how to bring the people in and start using it?



Excellent topic!

I had it a bit differently when I started my first wpmu bp site. I was active on one of my country’s leading social networks when it was starting to fall apart. People were leaving everyday because the system was built on old software and no one seemed to care about support, etc. I then decided to create my own social network (similar to the popular one) and created my bp network taking 20 of the top networkers on the other site with me. The network has grown quite bigger than the first 20 members but I must admit it’s a slow process as others first wants to see what is in it for them.

To get back to the topic. Be active on the network and show your starting members how to use the network and all the benefits of your network. Also be sure to write “help” files as you won’t be around to answer everyones questions all the time. I’ve added a “feedback” floating bar button on the network where members can submit feedback /queries regarding the network to me.

I would like to add the Twitter and Facebook connection settings to the network but it doesn’t make sense as this network is country specific and on the registration page there’s a couple of fields that must be completed.

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