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Re: Social Network Integration



Yeah, I figure a project like this is pretty complex, but I also figure it’s worth putting in the time on. I’d like to be able to find my own solution in the short term without completely going the wrong direction or having to backtrack too much when the tried and true, fully-developed solution comes out.

This in my mind is really going to be the future of the blogosphere. I just think it would be so fantastic if pretty much all the places on the net I frequented knew me by just 2-3 logins, and if all those places were able to share some pieces of information with each other.

You know, I work in health care, and this really has much larger implications than just blogging and social networking. It’s a real mess trying to figure out how health care providers will be able to securely share digital information about patients moving forward. Not saying Open Stack development can necessarily accomplish this, but the need is similar.

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