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Re: Some error in home template, only at single post pages.

Hello thanks for your reply.

The only things I’ve changed in the themes are the logo.gif files and the adminbar.gif in bp-core/images, I’ve never touched any php or html file.

Only in footer.php I added google analytics code, just before the </body> tag.

I just tested with the latest unmodified bp-themes (home and member) from SVN.

I also updated all buddypress mu-plugins to this latest SVN.

The sidebar is still in the content div.

Offcourse I cleared browser-cache etc, etc.

oh i know well that …lovely… bug: it happens only when you are not logged in.

Yes you’re right this doesn’t happens when a user is logged in.

Anyway I’ll keep on searching what causes this.

If anyone has some advice, you’re welcome to post.

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