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Re: Some questions about BLOG POSTS in BP. Help please

@hnla – Just for sanity’s sake, I tried again. This time via “Super Admin > Blogs”. I clicked “Edit”, then added an existing user to the sub-blog that way. Works. Can you check to see your wp_bp_user_blogs table to see if it’s recording anything?

May be testing at cross purposes here? Also I t may well be my misunderstanding of things.

It isn’t so much sub blogs issue it’s a general member of the main site BP / WP blog has no means of easily logging in to the dashboard to make a post as a ‘contributor’ or a level elevated from ‘subscriber’ (As was raised by the OP on this thread?) further to that I realised that also there was a similar issue when installing WP as single blog in that users – at any level – had no bp-adminbar links to access the dashboard (normally under ‘My-blogs’) this issue is known but I had to quickly whip up a crude function to test user level and drop a series of dashboard links on to the adminbar if !bp_core_is_multisite() not ideal but functional.

The issue which still puzzles me is that on, for example, a multisite install, no user blogs created; if I take a user and elevate their role to ‘contributor’ or even ‘admin’ they still get no means of logging in to the dashboard, not at least under the my-blogs link (as the super admin gets) Perhaps they were never intended to be able but it does mean an awkward route for them to be able to make a post, in my mind I expected them to receive a link to the main blog under ‘my-blogs’ as the super admin or main admin gets, but it isn’t their blog so they don’t.

I would suppose that a bit of a rewrite of the ‘my-blogs’ function would solve things for both missing link on single installs and for elevated member roles to receive the link as well, I was starting to look at ‘my-blogs’ and adapting it but time is my enemy at the moment.

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