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Re: Some questions about BuddyPress friendships



Sadly it’s not something I can decide to share, it’s a work and I don’t really feel like asking this thing.
Anyhow the problem I believe was that if I accessed the variables from index everything was fine, friends were found, etc. The problem is that by the means of a javascript slider I use to import pages that then executed the code… maybe this was puzzling some of the very basic variables of wordpress and returned bad results.

What can I suggest to you as developers it to try to implement a custom template (even a simple page that uses the wordpress variables) and on top of that implement some javascript that loads another php page on top of the index (no page reloading) that uses again the wordpress variables… this I think would arise the error again. I think this is a major bug and should be documented / resolved, but it’s up to you ;).
Thanks again for the support. I really appreciated that.

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