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Re: Something like “Yahoo! Answer” possible?



there are a few Q&A themes that exist already that you could use. Add BP plugin. Create a frontend form that submits questions as Posts with the member poster assigned as author and the comments for the post(?) are your answers. The community layer is the community layer just allow only members to submit questions and answers. Add plugins like ratings and page views and you’re set.

you could go with groups or forums but they are limiting when you consider what can be done with a full blog. So if you are on MU, just create another blog just for QA. that way you keep them separate from the blog and other things. I think post types are great…but at the end of the day you begin filling up your main site admin with tons of stuff. I like spreading the post type and plugin weight across different blogs(or sections)…but if the site is only going to be QA (no blog, no nothing else) just do the same thing but on the main site.

on your bp language change the “wrote a new post” to “added the question: ” or whatever and you’re set again!

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