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Re: SPAM Domains to add to your block list

Andrea Rennick


“Adding an extra feature on signup or even adding a question doesn’t help. “

If you have just the defaults, you will get hammered with spam. No question.

Part of the issue is how they are finding your site and how they are signing up. What works for one site may not work for another as there are quite a number of sploggers out there who wrote programs (I’ve seen them advertised) to hammer your sites. They look for the defaults.

But in my experience, to stop the splogs to a trickle, you have to do a number of things, not just one or two. Andy has a number of fields on signup at and doesn’t have a splog issue. The domain has been up long enough for them to find him.

There are signup moderation plugins for MU. I have no idea if they work with BP, but someone can modify them. there are also a number of suggested bot-stopping plugins that are suggested, that I have found DO work, but many people reading about them discount it as they think it only applies to comments. Some sploggers use the exact same techniques. Bad Behavour works. Cookies for Comments works.

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