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Re: SPAM Domains to add to your block list



I don’t think anybody can stop you from posting a file on your server with domains and IP’s which you advise to be blocked… I actually think it would be a good idea to have this info centralized, an Akismet for sign-ups if you please, would save a lot of effort.

Just checked wp-ban’s stats and 4 IP’s were blocked over 1000 times. Though it does not stop splogs, it serves as a good example that sharing info might help, especially if the signup page can check a database of known sploggers or words in blog titles.

A nice feature would be (plugin request!) to have:

– an extra field on signup. Skip all the usless and annoying captcha’s, just a simple question: “why you want a blog?” or more specifically: “what are you going tor write about?”

– the opportunity to manually approve/delete sign-ups based on their answer, at least blocking the unapproved from appearing in blog lists, sidewide activity etc, basically making it 100% private (only vsible for admins) until approved.

Before you ask: I cannot make this, but I will be happy to test if some more skilled person can!

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