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Re: Spam, Spam and more spam

Mike Pratt


I wholeheartedly agre with @andy. It’s an age old debate between making it as simple as possible to register and become a member and requiring some unique information that not only serves your purpose well but adds an extra layer to the process that fights spam.

We have been running our prod site since BP was in alpha (Nov ’08 – crazy, I know) but have had only 2 spam registrations. Both were from Russia and both seemed pointless. But we banned the domain in the WP backend and have had none since. We have not even changed our signup slug.

That said, we require 5 fields on registration, 3 are drop downs and we don’t allow blog registration (we’re building a community not a blog network)

On a side note: We ran reCaptcha flawlessly for 6 months. We disabled it as an experiment to see if we could avoid that extra step (plus reCaptcha words are damn hard to read) and have not had spam since. fingers crossed.

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