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Re: Spammers attacking, help!



@hnla, I got 2 results from googling:
#1. “
#2. `sign in`
#1 requiires to be added in header, I don’t know how to add it in register.php’s header without bothering other pages;
#2 stops bots following the link on other pages, but BP spammers come without a reference page. They know which link is BP register page. I’m not sure if there’s another way for BP.
The above is the reason why I ask Andrea.

I did track down the solutions in this forum. If you pay attention, this topic was posted one month ago. I did my homework. But of course, I didn’t read all the threads, because search in this site is not as efficient as other places. No result if a word or a letter not match. Only accessed the threads that I searched out by different words combinations that I could imagine.

As for the .htaccess method, my research shows it worked for a while, but stop working since WP 2.9. I tried it, I can comfirm it’s not working on my site.

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