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Re: STOP feature-polls for BP 1.3




no, I am not talking as “Polls” being a plugin. There have been user-polls in the past at this very Forum, at which everyone could vote on features they would like to see in the future-versions of BuddyPress.

In general, all I want to say with my initial post is that we should not loose sight of what kind of features are really important.

Everybody has different priorities and everybody needs a certain feature, but we should not loose sight that certainly everybody will need “Privacy Features”.

Privacy might not be very important in the USA, but I can tell you gonna have quite big troubles in running a Social-Network in many countries in Europe, without providing User-Privacy.

There is a good chance you gonna run into legal troubles – which is quite critical, besides that users will complain about finding their private information on Search-Engines like Google. Just think about running a Dating-website, where users post lots of private information, but literally its not safe for them to use your website.

The other feature of “Advanced Search & X-Profile Fields” should be also within Core-Code and will definitely enhance every website being run on BP, no matter your niche. Think about -for example- performing a search for the users at your website being “male” and at an age-range between “20 and 30 years of age”. This is currently not possible.

The necessity of the feature of “User-Blogs-Posts from Front-end” is debateable, most probably not being used by everyone. But did you ever go into the “backend” of Facebook in order to write a post ?

Anyhow, just wanted to highlight to make sure you still see the forest in a clutter of trees…..

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