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Re: STOP feature-polls for BP 1.3



“False consensus effect – the tendency for people to overestimate the degree to which others agree with them.”

I don´t know if “STOP feature polls” was meant as a joke or not, but I can´t really see why this is a problem (if you are serious). People have different opinions on what is the most important features that should be developed, and what should be included in core.

For instance, letting users be able to post to blogs from the frontpage sounds like a perfect plugin match for me, as I have no real need for that. Still I don´t go around making several posts (saw you posted at the dev site as well) about how devs should STOP working on frontpage blogposting and focus on xxx feature instead.

Maybe the false concensus effect have blinded you a bit my friend.

To me it is important to keep in mind that has over 15 000 users. We all have different plans for buddypress. ;)

The way the dev team are trying to figure out what to develop next seems like a fair way to me:

(1)First getting suggestions, (2)then adding their professional opinion on what should be devoloped next and lastly (3) letting the users again be a part of the process by allowing us to vote on what we want the most. This will hopefully allow the highest percentage of people to be pleased.

EDIT: I was a bit slow you posted your reply in the mean time Erich.

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