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Re: STOP feature-polls for BP 1.3

Ok people, step back from your keyboards and take a deep breath.

1) The ‘ideas’ forum collects any ideas that people want to see in future BP version.

2) After some period of time, I am going to make a list of all the ideas. I am going to take it to a BuddyPress dev chat, and those present (everyone is welcome) will help decide which of those ideas to go into a poll on this website.

3) Everyone can then go to the poll on this website and vote what they would like to see in BP version 1.3, 1.4, and so on. Results will be announced by Andy Peatling and the Roadmap updated.

This is very similar to what happened around the 1.0 release.

Like what 21cdb said:

Humans always looking out for their own interests, thats natural behaviour, but we should always keep in mind to respect interests of the public and of the parties concerned as well.

A poll is a great way to determine what the public needs are. I believe it will give the main developers good impressions in which directions they should focus in the future.

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