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Re: strange admin address

hey Chris,

i just find this article below through bluehost tech support. Now we have to figure out where this code exists in WPMU and/or buddypress.


Why do e-mails from my webpage come from < username > @ < box# > when I have specified otherwise?


This is because our servers require you (or your script) to use a properly formatted, valid From: header in your email. If the From: header is not formatted correctly, empty or the email address doesn’t exist on our server, the from address will be changed to <username>@<box#> To stop this, you must change the script you are using to correctly use a valid From header.

Examples of headers that should work would be:


From: <>

From: “name” <>

Examples of headers that will NOT work:

From: “”

From: user @

Alternative for PHP Users:

– You can also modify which account should be used when sending out using the mail() function. Inside the local php.ini file, you will find a line of code that looks something like this (around line 601):

sendmail_from =

Be sure to uncomment this by deleting the ‘;’ before the directive. Also, the account you use must be a valid created account.

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