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Re: Subdomain support in BP



If I remember correctly, previous BP versions always had separate themes for BP members’ blogs. The Default BP theme was only a theme for the main blog of your BP installation. The members’ blogs would typically default to Kubrick (a regular WP theme, not a BP theme). Now, if you’re activating a BP theme for your members, then it would seem logical that it would try to pull all your links through a relative path in the navigation (ie. broken links), as that is how BP calls its nav list items. A suggestion that I had made to someone else — and forgive me if there’s a better way of doing this, since this is clearly sort of a *hack* way of going about it — would be to duplicate whichever BP theme you’re using and then using a custom header, which has all the correct links (hard-coded) in the navigation. This theme would then be used for all BP members’ blogs.

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