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Re: Switching from external bbpress to internal bbpress

Boone Gorges


Hi Kunal17. When I upgraded my site from BP 1.0.x to BP 1.1.x, I had to go through the process of migrating from an external bbPress install to the internal one. Here’s the blog post I wrote on the subject:

As far as advantages/disadvantages, to the best of my knowledge BP uses the most recent release of bbPress for its internal forum workings, and will continue to do so. Thus, as long as you keep your external bbPress installation up to date, it is unlikely that they will stop working together (granted that you have done the work to make them work together in the first place). When you move to the internal forums, you lose some of the extensibility of the external bbPress, as many of the plugins have not been ported to (or replicated for) BuddyPress yet. But not having to worry about the consistent look, shared userbase, etc was very much worth it for me.

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