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Re: Syncing Status Updates

John James Jacoby


acvanrijn, re: the add new post link, in future versions of BP the links are not visible if you are not logged in. Easiest way to fix the issue for now, and we may revisit the login redirect in the future, when themeing the login page is more feasible.

re: syncing status updates; there are hooks and filters in place to allow plugin authors to do this kind of thing, but they will probably not be built into the core. BuddyPress is designed to be a flexible product that stands on its own. Synchronizing it with other websites (while convenient and cool) isn’t really within the scope of the core app.

Thinking ahead to 5 years from now, there may be a dozen different sites to keep up with. If plugin authors want to grab this by the horns and make it happen, that’s a great thing.

And… Just like anything else… My opinion on this is subject to change at any moment. :) haha!

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