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Re: Tables are messy on my current theme

Erwin Gerrits


Looks like it’s a float problem.

Make sure the members list div is on “float:left” and the sidebar div is “float:left” as well. Then you have to make sure that the total width of the divs (INCLUDING MARGINS) is less than the total with of the page. So if you’re working with percentages, make the total width 99% or so (say, members div = 59% sidebar is 30%). If you’re working with absolutes, make the total width 5 or 10px less than the page width. Be careful of the margins as they are OUTSIDE of the div widths and if they add up to more than the page’s width, your floats will not work.

Also make sure at the end of the two divs you put a <div class=”clear”></div> to clear up the floating for the footer.

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