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Re: Terminology – Apples to Oranges

Brajesh Singh



My view is quiet different on this issue. I have already seen the chat log where it all was proposed and ms- prefix was associated.

My point is calling Blogs in wp 3.0 as site, is completely incorrect(unless someone convinces me here).

Let us concentrate on what WordPress Mu blogs offer out of the box, It is nothing more than the blog functionality(at the moment).

Obviously you can customize the blogs and wordpress plugins/themes(and wordpress itself) has the capability that a blog can be converted as a Site.

But again, Calling it as Multisite out of the box is a strong no no for me because of the obvious reasons.

Let us consider the usage, How many sites out there are using wpmu as a Multi Site software. 2%-5%(that is my personal experience+expectation,actual data may be different).

Yes, wordpress mu is mainly used for network of blogs(checkout the wpmu showcase) and one or 2 blogs on the network(most of the time, the main domain) act as the Site(or full featured site).

So calling every blog out there as a site will be completely unjustifiable.

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