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Re: Terminology – Apples to Oranges



I think what JJJ is getting at is this:

Current -> New

Blogs (within a single WPMU domain) -> Blog / website (no change)

WPMU install on one domain -> Site

WPMU on multiple domains (or a multi-site) -> Network

I like this snippet from the IRC logs:

[filosofo] ms-users.php?  is the official name going to be "multi-site"?
[rboren] filosofo: That's the working name at least. MU is being dropped.
[wpmuguru] yep, works for us / more appropriate
[Jane_] we'll all just try really hard not to think of Microsoft or Multiple Sclerosis :)
[rboren] Yeah, we talked about using msite for that reason.
[filosofo] what about the "site" / "blog" terminological distinction? Is that changing too?
[wpmuguru] could actually go with site-settings, site-functions
[junsuijin] mi=multi-instance
[rboren] We also have the "Network", which is what MU currently calls a site.
[filosofo] currently there's get_site_option(), for example, which covers all "blogs" on mu
[Jane_] yeah, i liked Network in place of site, since it's really a group of sites
[Jane_] (as opposed to a site being a group of blogs, per current UI)

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