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Re: Terminology – Apples to Oranges



It’s funny because when I first found out about WPMU is was indeed wildy confused about what it meant exactly. Already familiar with single WordPress I installed WPMU because I wanted to use BuddyPress and thought it was some kind of special version of WordPress (not realizing the Network of blogs/sites kinda thing).

After I got BuddyPress up and running and started a blog I got launched into another admin panel which suddently missed all kinds of menu options and had a different name.. “WTF is going on here” was my initial response..

Until I realised that WPMU actually allowed me to setup multiple blogs from one panel and would allow me to create a network of sites!

This name change is a good thing and much easier to grasp. It does make me think; should I call new blogs on my network “sites” or “blogs”.


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