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Re: The BuddyPress next generation API, the journey begins

i’d like to see the whole activity stream become a bit more robust – generic in use but more powerful api options

– access control (who, what – can update, read am AS record – fine granular framework from users, groups, plugins, component, types) – right now its a bit clunky to remove certain items and no way to block others (ie, i like a plugin’s functionality but i don’t care for the activity record, i want to block certain groups from updates, or block certain activity types to be displayed, etc)

this one may be outside the criteria but the whole bbpress <-> bp thing. IMHO – ramp up the AS to handle forum content. (already have commenting, threading, etc – i don’t see importance of bbpress hiding under the covers, even if it will become a wp plugin. so much duplicate functionality being used and another layer of dependencies)

BP => like Firefox and Burger King – I love extensibility and having it my way. :-P

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