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Re: The BuddyPress next generation API, the journey begins



So I tried to explain this to my father…who can barely use email.

Pretend you’re in a room with 1,000 people that you don’t know. Now, you might end up making friends with 10 of them, and doing business with 2. The problem is that it would take you a week of shaking hands and starting conversations to find those connections.

Social Networks/Communities…like Buddypress/Facebook/LinkedIn etc. turn that week into 10 minutes.

To me, improved community-wide searching and easy navigation by profile fields (can someone please load in locations?) are the most important areas where BP is clunky and needs improvement. We need to focus on turning that 10-minutes into 5, while being ever-more-user-friendly and intuitive in the process.

The trend is that all of these networks will share information with one another, so much so that, in time, walls will be torn down and eventually, “Social Networks” will be a big mosh of everything…made up of smaller topic-focused communities like each of ours.

BP gives each of us a chance to create a niche within this great mosh. We shouldn’t try to BE the mosh, but simply be the most efficient and user-friendly communities within it.

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