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Re: The BuddyPress next generation API, the journey begins



So following the plugin bunny trail that we’re on I’m going to throw my shoe out there.

BP is/was a group of plugins. When I install BP I’m not actually installing one plugin. I’m actually installing 7: Activity, Blog Tracking, bbPress Forums, Friends, Groups, Private Messaging, and Extended Profiles.

If BP can provide the best, fastest, most extensible core hooks and loops, then let the plugin developers code and extend to their hearts desire.

if (BP Core == diving board)

     plugin authors = the bells and whistles of BP

The way I see it, there should be 3 classes of plugins.

1. The Core BP plugins (i.e. currently the 7 components… this list will increase, such as Basic Privacy).

If you’re not running all or most of these, then you’re not really running BP.

The BP is officially “in charge” of keeping these plugins updated.

2. The Senior Plugins (e.g. Media-Albums, Oembed for Activity Streams, BP SEO, Enhanced Privacy etc.)

These are plugins that almost 65% (or some other number) of sites will end up using but we’re not sure that they will.

BP officially endorses and most likely will use their paid developers to keep these plugins functional.

3. The Normal Plugins (e.g. GEO Locations, Extended Profiles, Gifts, etc.)

Plugins that authors create for different purposes. While many sites use them, they don’t have the same widespread use and support as the Senior Plugins.

BP has no official position with respect to these plugins.

Currently only category 1 and 3 exist. There is no category 2.

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