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Re: The BuddyPress UI Design and conceptual approach to Social Networking



Hi everyone,

Well, as promised, I asked the kids and got as far as asking the first 3 class periods. The problem I ran into was that kids from my classes started talking to each other prior to coming in .. and a select few were just making things up. So, I stopped asking.

Here is the image of the classroom white board. One kid was at the board in each class as the teams read off their list of reasons for not using the site – or not liking the site – or things they wanted changed.

The funniest ones were –

“What website?”
“I don’t like to study”

Or this exchange:
Student 1: “Checked but didn’t see anything new”
Student 2: “When did you go last?”
Student 1: “August”

Anyway – The room became really quiet when someone said, “Google is faster” – and others chattered – “that’s true.”

Maybe buried in all of the feedback, from approximately 100 kids, there are a few gold nuggets. I already started working on the navigation.

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