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Re: The BuddyPress UI Design and conceptual approach to Social Networking



OK, this was edited in to a previous comment (or I didn’t notice it), so I’ll have a go.

@stwc, can you answer the question, what makes forums so great for collaboration? What can you do with forums that you can’t do with blog posts + comments?

I don’t know why we started talking about collaboration, or at least you did. Collaboration is certainly something that people do, in some situations, but as a function of a community, it’s just one of many, and pretty low on the list, so I’m not going to bother addressing that particularly. It doesn’t seem at all germane to the discussion.

I will try to address the what I think you’re really asking, though, about why forums (or, more precisely, forum-like structured interactions) are important. Going to take some time to write it though, so I’ll edit this presently.

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