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Re: The BuddyPress UI Design and conceptual approach to Social Networking



@Peterverkooijen said: Why would you need forums? What makes forums so great for collaboration?

You’re confusing me now. You don’t see the benefit of forums yet you have basically created a forum on your site.

Everyone has to think outside of the box because “forums” != bbPress. I’ve spent many many years on many different “forums”, all the way back to USENET and “newsgroups” and BBS’s. Forums are a useful tool on any website unless you are trying to create the next twitter clone where no one really cares what anyone said 5 minutes ago.

I do agree that it might be nice for BP to drop bbPress and embrace the multiple post-type functionality that WP 3.0 offers. Stuff like Akismet could then be used for comments/replies to “forum-thread” post-types. No duplication of functionality, etc.

Maybe an alternative would be for “someone” to write a forum plugin leveraging the new WP3.0 post-type functionality that also plugs into BP activity streams, etc.

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