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Re: The Chemistry Book



I know – you are probably sick of updates – but what’s more fun than creating something from nothing?

So here goes the latest:

Number 1:
Moodle is now operational – the login ID is now tied to the WordPress login. Students no longer need to register twice – but only once. The same login ID and password used at the front of the site is the same as the moodle account.

Number 2:
Theme changes to moodle so that the Wiki and WP are available from the top navigation.

Number 3: (and this one is cool!)

This is an embedded PDF containing links to the vocabulary students are to memorize. If the student clicks on the link then the vocabulary loads – and provides an opportunity for the kids to play hangman, solve a crossword puzzle, etc.

Number 4: (boring nerd stuff)
BuddyPress was updated to the latest stable version – with some additional plugins and edits. Theme changes in Moodle and MediaWiki to accept the navigation. Embed plugin for PDFs and web into the Wiki.

Bragging stuff:
Yep, over one-half million page views on this site since it’s launch. Oh – and a friend did a great job showing the site in Texas at the HP conference.

What could possibly be left? Glad you asked!

1. The photos album is going to be expanded. I can’t wait for the BP Album + …

2. Bug fixes: I suspect once kids start using this thing again – they’ll find problems and want things changed.

3. Embed learning guides so they do not need to be downloaded.

4. Performance on BuddyPress is really poor. This is due to RackSpace, their MA and lack of being able to use expired headers and gzip. I cannot use minify either. This causes plugin errors to crop up. These problems are supposed to be fixed in W3-Total-Cache next release.

5. More content! Yes. While there are over 550 articles, so much detail is missing. So lets hope I can convince kids to actually add more content :)

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