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Re: The page you were looking for was not found.

Will White


1. Current Default version of PHP: 4. This is the default version of PHP that your site is currently using. Note that you can always choose between PHP4 and PHP5 for individual files by naming them with the corresponding extension. (Copied from

2. Haven\’t made any changes to the default .htaccess file

3. This might be the problem. I loaded the \”htaccess.dist\” with the files assuming it would put the .htaccess file. I\’ve tried three different buddypress installation ways – one through searching for the plugin inside wp-admin, one by installing the zip from here in the wp-admin, and one by ftp\’ing the contents of the zip. I would imagine one of them would have copied it over.

4. I installed WPMU from scratch, including making a new mySQL database for it right before loading BP.

5. No other plugins, pretty much running vanilla until I can get the pages I need working.

What do you think?

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