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Re: Theme and plugin requests



i would like to see member themes changeable on a per user basis so they can have their own skins as such, and also allow them to create their own, i think we need to collaborate as to what the user can change and what they cant, it would be nice to allow them selected css,

i would also like to see the modules changeable in a drag and drop kinda way and allow the user to choose which modules they do or do not want to use,

im interested in a love plugin which allows users to post a little love icon with thier wire posts but i could also see this being extended to comments, i have made a request for it before but got no replies so visit my profile for the topic,

last fm integration would be majorly cool i think, as it would rival many of the ‘apps’ out there on the larger social networks. building on this area of things you could also add twitter, etc. so i guess what im trying to say is focus on the users ‘lifestream’

when the user logs in i want them to go straight to the dashboard but the dashboard should have things like pending freind requests, groups to join, latest comments, profile stats (incuding who visited thier profile), options and such like, and an aggregation of thier freinds activity updates. when i visit my site i dont care what user a,b and c are up to im just interested in what my freinds x,y and z did recently,

so it would be very useful to have these widgets in the dashboard, that way everything is centralised for the user to do things,

another thing i thought would be useful was profile privacy options, allowing members to discriminate based on age eg, users over X cant visit profiles for members under 18 or whatever, maybe allow the user to choose who can contact them / add them etc,

also have a block ability and mark as spam,

the profile itself should have 3 modes of operation, public – everything is displayed, semi private, freinds can see full profile, non freinds can see selected modules / different modules only, and fully private – the user must be freinds to see anything other than name, age and city/ country.

i have used the profile sidebar plugin, but as of yet there are no freinds or group widgets for it, i would like to see these with a good amount of configurability options allowing for things like top freinds, other half etc

sorry for such a long post but i would like to see these features implemented as i think they would greatly enhance buddypress!!


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