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Re: Theme and plugin requests



That’s great news! I’ve always been so thankful for WPMU DEV when building MU based sites, its brilliant your getting excited about BP and helping us out!

Something that’s currently being discussed is a Facebook Connect plugin, I’m sure you will have read the thread already. I pinpointed some key features I’d like to see from such a plugin (, and I’m getting some feedback on those ideas at the moment. The community seems willing to chip-in on paying for this, and I’m eager to see it remain open source thereafter.

A real beast of a component would be ‘Live Chat’, much like the IM features seen on Facebook/Bebo at the moment. At least making a start on that and keeping it open source for people to add to would be great?! I can imagine you charging for that, but I’m sure people using BuddyPress at the moment would chip-in to see it built; but I’m guessing you’d want continuous revenue from such a component! :)

Also, until it becomes core, a dedicated ‘Invite Friends’ component would be great, where you could insert your email address (Gmail, Hotmail etc) and invite all of your friends that way.

So yeah, my 2 cents!

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